Merged Comments for WPML Verified

Because WPML creates posts and pages for each language, comments from one do not appear on the other. This plugin merges comments from all WPML translations of the posts and pages so that they all are displayed on each other. Comments are internally still attached to the post or page they were made on. It […]

Transparent Background on Divi Header until Scroll using only CSS Verified

Recently I was working on a new client's website using the Divi theme and they wanted a nice visual video background as the homepage hero, so to clean up the visual appeal of the site I wanted to set the Divi header background to transparent, and on scroll bring the background back in. Below is […]

How to translate the group name and description on BuddyPress using ACF Pro and WPML Verified

If you have been looking to translate the group name and description with WPML on BuddyPress and/or BuddyBoss platform and you found yourself on the WPML support forums with answers like "Unfortunately it is not possible to translate e group names and descriptions yet." or "Actually I am not sure if this is possible...". Well, […]

2021 Facebook Cover Photo Template (PSD) Verified

I'm always finding myself googling "Facebook Cover Photo Template" whenever I need to design a new Facebook cover photo for myself or a client of mine. There are tons of sites on this topic including this one, which I based my initial design off of. They do offer templates but behind a sign up wall. […]

Simplistic way to Disable Dates on Ninja Forms datepicker using ACF Repeater from the Options Page Verified

Note: Ninja Forms version 3.4.31 and above no longer uses PikaDate it was updated to Flatpickr While working on a recent project I needed to disable specific dates on the date picker within Ninja Forms. I kept running into Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token error when using the disableDayFn function while following the date […]

My 1st GTA 5 Machinima / Happy Trails Verified
My 1st published design on Thingiverse Verified

Simple clothes hanger connector hook that allows multiple hangers to hang off one another which helps saves space in the closet. Any suggestions, remixes, comments or tips are welcome.

How to Supercharge ACF Repeater Fields inside Divi Modules Verified

Recently when working on a client's website I needed to use the ACF repeater fields on a WordPress site that was built on Divi. After doing a quick google search and reading a few articles it seemed normal ACF fields on Divi's modules work flawlessly but when it comes to the repeater fields there seem […]

Painless Solution for WooCommerce Cart Icon with Item Count on the Divi Theme Verified

Today I was trying to look for how to add an item count to the shopping cart on the Divi theme, I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for although I did manage to find a few examples on StackOverflow and other websites that work with woocommerce on other themes but on divi it […]

How to sort WooCommerce Products (2019) Verified

Recently I was trying to sort some products on WooCommerce for one of my clients and ended up doing a quick little Google search. I found all the top search results were pretty outdated, most of the posts were from 2015. WooCommerce has been through a few updates since then and the process to sort […]

My First Crypto App Verified

I've created a simple and nifty crypto market watch app for my Advanced JavaScript boot-camp course at HackerYou. Using the CoinCecko API I am pulling the top 3 crypto markets with the overall fear and greed index for Bitcoin. It has has the top losers and gainers for the top 10 markets as well as […]

Upgrading Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4 with a Shim JS Verified

When I was looking to upgrade a few past projects that I built on Bootstrap v3 to the latest version of Bootstrap, I've found it not as easy as it should be. Upgrading to Font Awesome 5 gave me an idea which I found no results online; I did find that it was previously brought […]

Hello, this is a Robot calling.. Verified

Over the last week I've received a numerous of calls from a local 416/647 number and every time I pick up thinking it is someone of importance calling me and then I hear this; "Hello, this is Julia calling, your business has been pre-approved for a business to hear more about this opportunity..." View this […]

Storyboard Project: Treasures of Secrets Verified

His eyes glimmered with joy and exciting as he celebrated in silence, barely able to contain the excitement inside. The room was pitch black he could barely see but was able to make out the room as his eyes has adjusted to the darkness. He had traveled in the middle of the night south through […]

Storyboard Project: The Showdown Verified

The air is dry as tumbleweed blows past the saloon in a small old run-down town of Skeleton Canyon; a loud argument begins to arise from within the old saloon. The furnishings inside the dusty old saloon is typical in the Wild west, two overly drunk cowboys are starting to get restless as one is […]

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